LOWW charts

Olivier Cleynen @ WikiMedia Disclaimer:
All chart material in this area is based on original charts as provided by AIP Austria and published by VACC-Austria with approval and by courtesy of Austro Control GmbH for the exclusive use in the non-commercial hobby area on VATSIM; charts may have been slightly adopted by VACC-Austria to better fit known limitations of the simulation platforms (e.g. frequencies).

We explicitly want to express that all charts published must be used for flight- and ATC simulation only, and are strictly prohibited to be used for any kind of real navigation.

VACC-Austria strictly reserves the right to revoke this publishing service at any time in case of violation of these rules or the revocation of these permissions by Austro Control GmbH.

  Name Type Effective ↓
NDB 11 Approach 26.05.2016
VOR 16 Approach 26.05.2016
VOR 34 Approach 26.05.2016
SID RWY 11 (NAP) Departure 29.03.2018
RNAV Transition (NAP) 29 Arrival 25.04.2019
RNAV Transition 11 Arrival 25.04.2019
RNAV Transition 16 Arrival 25.04.2019
RNAV Transition 29 Arrival 25.04.2019
RNAV Transition 34 Arrival 25.04.2019
SID RWY 34 (NAP) Departure 23.05.2019
ILS CAT II-III or LOC 16 Approach 20.06.2019
ILS CAT II-III or LOC 29 Approach 20.06.2019
ILS CAT or LOC 34 Approach 20.06.2019
ILS or LOC 11 Approach 20.06.2019
Standard Arrival Arrival 10.10.2019
Docking Positions Ground 26.03.2020
NDB 29 Approach 23.04.2020
SID RWY 11 Departure 23.04.2020
SID RWY 16 Departure 23.04.2020
SID RWY 29 Departure 23.04.2020
SID RWY 29 (NAP) Departure 23.04.2020
SID RWY 34 Departure 23.04.2020
Aerodrome Overview Ground 21.05.2020
RNP RWY34 Approach 16.07.2020
RNP X RWY29 Approach 16.07.2020
RNP Z RWY11 Approach 16.07.2020
RNP Z RWY16 Approach 16.07.2020
RNP Z RWY29 Approach 16.07.2020
Package Package 10.09.2020
VFR Charts VFR 10.09.2020